Debbie is an experienced tutor in the Colour Design Course at Home Ideas Centre. This year she will be hosting seminars and workshops in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Nelson.


The Colour Course is fully comprehensive and involves weekly tuition over the 4 school terms, February to November. It is a half day course per week introducing you to colour manipulation, forecasting colour, professional and promotional use of colour, and creating interior and exterior schemes. It prepares you for professional colour selection in residential, commercial and promotional projects.

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Colour schemes, interior and exterior

Professional and promotional use of


History to colour forecasting today


  • Colour theory
  • Interaction with colour
  • Psychology of colour
  • Colour combination techniques


Colour shapes the way we see the world. We all have our own personal and emotional responses to colour.


Colour means different things to different people. What are you colour preferences and how can you interpret the preferences of others? This module covers colour theory, colour harmony and the psychology of colour – all essential elements to help identify you or your client’s colour preferences.


Practical exercises will help you understand how colours interact and affect each other, how colour deceives and how you can manipulate colour effectively. Discover how to detect and make changes in hue, tints and tones. You will experience first hand what happens when pigments are mixed, and discover, for example, how to subdue colour. Touching upon the technical aspects of colour production you will learn how colour is created in paint and print.


This module will equip you with practical and theoretical tools to create colour combinations for your own or others’ environments.







Colour manipulation

• Colour culture

• Developing colour palettes

• History of colour trends

• Colour forecasting


How do you know what colours are in fashion next season and what the future trends are in colour?


Colour choices are shaped by the cultural and social context of the time that we live in, as well as the past. Identify fresh new ways to use colour by looking at the social and political influences that shaped historical colour trends so you can determine present and future colour trends.


This module will give you an understanding of historically proven rules of form and colour. You will consider colour from different cultures and belief systems, such as those of Steiner, Itten and Feng Sui. Practical, fun and inspirational sessions will help you develop colour palettes and provide you with colour organizational tools.





• Colour practitioners

• Colour in marketing

• Pattern and texture


We all make colour choices everyday, however many people use colour professionally to shape your choices and perceptions. From architects, interior designers and colour consultants, through to textile designers, artists and advertisers, you psychological colour buttons are being pushed!


In this module, you will look at how we share ‘colour language’ whereby certain colours inspire common reactions in people. How does colour and colour psychology influence our decisions as consumers, and as colour practitioners, how can you utilize this?


You’ll visit an off-site textile specialist to learn more about pattern, texture and mood in textiles from the professionals. Also included is a practical session on paint finishes.


This module will provide you with information and inspiration gained from the expertise insight of professionals associated with the colour design process.



  • Developing interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Colour rendering and perspectives
  • Resolving a scheme


Colour is a critical element of design, so getting it right is vital! Colour determines how a space or object is defined, experienced and remembered. It is often the key element which wins praise or scorn for the interior or exterior of houses.


You will work on colour solutions for interior and exterior projects. Learn how to use colour and tone to alter perspective and understand which colours enlarge or reduce, heighten or lower a space. You will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to you personal colour design needs. Discover the essential elements of a colour design brief and how to respond to a brief developed by a client. Understand what types of paints are used where and why.


This module will equip you with a framework for the strategic use of colour; help you to make appropriate colour choices to recognize client’s needs and desires.







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